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APT, A MasterCard Company

APT and Big Data

APT provides native, software tools that enable large, consumer-focused businesses to seize the Big Data analytics opportunity by triangulating between business strategy, algorithmic math, and large databases to improve decisions.

  • 100 of the largest corporations in the world use APT products
  • Data for 20% of the US retail economy is processed using APT’s Test & Learn software to enable executives to make confident data-driven decisions  

APT and Cause-and-Effect Analytics

Offering Big Data analytics within a web services architecture enables our products to be better and faster. Cause-and-effect analytics helps us:

  • Deliver a cross-functional algorithmic software allowing team members across the enterprise to leverage best practices
  • Reduce time-to-benefit by efficiently deploying multi-terabyte analytics for major corporations
  • Integrate, update, and maintain wide-ranging datasets from weather to social media, among others

APT and Test & Learn™

APT’s Test & Learn™ for Sites, Test & Learn™ for Customers, Test & Learn™ for Ads, and other similar products employ patented algorithms and workflow to design and interpret business experiments that evaluate, target, and refine proposed business programs. Test & Learn™ answers three questions about any new initiative:

  • Does the idea work?
  • Can it be tailored for maximum effectiveness?
  • Can it be targeted by location, by market, or by customer for maximum impact?