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APT Mission Statement

APT enables leaders to make better, fact-based decisions, faster and more efficiently, creating large-scale, lasting value through Test & LearnTM technology.

In support of this mission, we are committed to:

  • Developing and harnessing breakthrough technology and intellectual capital

  • Building and growing trust-based relationships

  • Attracting and developing the world’s top talent with a passion for what we do

  • Achieving world leadership in Test & LearnTM

These qualities make us distinctive:

  • Client FocusOur clients come first; their success is our success.

  • AgilityOur people move quickly, tackling today’s problems, while building lasting solutions.

  • Will to WinOur ambitions are global, and we are committed to achieving them.

  • "Make it Happen" MentalityOur challenges are daunting, but we surmount obstacles and together redefine what’s possible.