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Edward Chin Wang Lee

Edward Chin Wang Lee

Senior Vice President, Greater China

Edward Chin Wang Lee, Senior Vice President at APT, heads the firm’s Taipei office, and leads client and marketing engagements in the Asia Pacific region.

Mr. Lee is experienced in applying APT’s software solutions to complex business issues across diverse geographies, including the US, Canada, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Australia. He has led large teams advising clients on diverse strategic initiatives, such as product introduction, price optimization, staffing, marketing, and customer satisfaction. His clients have included restaurants, publications, banks, pharmacies, and various retailers. Prior to relocating to Asia, Mr. Lee was also the product manager of APT’s largest software module and a key contributor to its quality assurance efforts.

Mr. Lee received a BASc in Engineering Physics from the University of British Columbia and an SM in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was also a recipient of the Julie Payette-NSERC Research Scholarship, which was awarded to Canada’s top 24 graduate students in science and engineering.