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Intern: Software Infrastructure Engineer

The Intern: Software Infrastructure Engineer position is currently available in the following offices: Washington, D.C.

About the Position

Software Infrastructure Engineers work across disciplines from “DevOps” to “Engineering Productivity” to “Test Engineering.”  Working either directly on a product team or alongside other SEs and SIE’s on a central “Productivity” team, SIE’s leverage intelligent and innovative technologies to ensure software quality and the rapid movement of features from development to testing to internal usage to customers.  SIE’s become experts in numerous open-source tools and technologies designed to assist in release management, configuration management, automated software testing, and more. 

The Software Infrastructure Engineer (SIE) role is arguably the most diverse Engineering role at APT.   It includes engineering our distributed deployment infrastructure so that new product features can be driving value for our clients as soon as they are finished, as well as engineering productivity projects like optimizing our build times or building out a dashboard that compiles all the most useful performance, usage, and error information into one place.

What does this mean for you?

  • Wear multiple hats and bridge the gap between Development and Operations (DevOps), lead Engineering Productivity efforts, and also take full ownership of APT's testing frameworks and tools to provide faster feedback loops and keep pace with the needs of our cutting-edge analytics
  • Gain experience across the disciplines of development, operations and software quality
  • Frequently work directly on product feature development—ensuring that you have a complete view of the entire engineering process
  • Play a key role in shaping the direction of APT’s engineering processes

Ideal Candidate Qualifications

  • Outstanding Programming Skills
  • Highly motivated, creative, self-directed, and thrives in small, open-ended project teams
  • Passion for testing, automation, and software quality
  • Superior academic record at a leading national university

To apply:

  • Apply online using the APT Application to be considered for the position.
  • For current students from US schools where we are on campus, please also apply through your campus careers website.
  • Resume, Cover Letter & Undergraduate Transcripts are required.
  • Provide undergraduate GPA, SAT/ACT and other scores as applicable on your resume.
  • Provide your resume, cover letter and transcript in a PDF format.