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Community Service

APT is committed to giving back to our community and does so in a number of ways.

Data Dives

Data dives are a great way for us at APT to help the community by leveraging our unique skill-sets to solve problems faced by non-profits and public organizations.  Recently, we partnered with Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB), the largest hub for food sourcing and distribution for those struggling with hunger in the Washington metro area.  The project focused on two key questions:

  1. How can we map and optimize distribution to best match hunger and food insecurity across the Washington metro area?
  2. How can we optimize purchasing decisions over time by core food category?

These findings were presented to CAFB in an interactive session and APT and CAFB discussed how these findings and models can be put to best use by the CAFB team in the future. To read more about what we found, click here.

APT also partnered with DC Prep, a network of public charter schools in Washington, D.C., in early 2014 to analyze the preliminary effectiveness of various initiatives for DC Prep.  Information about our findings during this data dive can be found here

APT Charities

In June 2014, APT annouced the formation of APT Charities, a non-profit focused on contributing to APT’s local and global communities. APT Charities aims to give gifts directly to organizations that have a demonstrated need and specific goal for funds, including those who engage in or could benefit from data-driven solutions. For more information about APT Charities, click here.