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About Asahi Breweries

The Asahi Breweries aims to satisfy its customers with the highest levels of quality and integrity, while contributing to the promotion of healthy living and the enrichment of society worldwide.

Its focus is to further cultivate its mainstay brands such as ASAHI SUPER DRY. In addition to ongoing campaigns to improve the quality of draft beer in restaurants and the freshness of products in stores, it will enact a variety of sales promotion measures throughout the year in the home-consumption market. With these continued activities, it hopes to share knowledge of the delicious flavor and beverage value of beer and alcoholic drinks with the public.

  • "It is our top priority to support our clients to help increase their sales and profits. To do this, it is very important to learn how each initiative works and to identify what is the ‘winning pattern.’ Traditionally, to figure out which initiative would generate profits, we used to roll it out and wait to understand the results. But by introducing APT’s Test & Learn software, we can predict the impact of the initiative before rolling it out. This enables us to understand the impact of new programs with higher accuracy. For example, when we were considering introducing a new beer menu at a restaurant network, we tested the idea using APT’s software. We found that the new beer menu did not lead to the expected increase in margin and also decreased the sales of beer. Based on this result, we decided not to roll out the initiative. Instead we tested an alternative initiative and found out that the impact of the new initiative was profitable for both the restaurant network and us. APT’s software identified the profit improvement opportunities for this initiative and improved collaboration with the restaurant company."

    — Director of Asahi Breweries