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Testimonials from Select Current Clients

  • American Family Insurance

    “American Family Insurance has always focused on making data-driven decisions for our customers. A more rigorous testing process was the natural progression—a test versus control impact is truly the best way to determine a program’s impact and if it is worth further investment. In-market testing provides insight that allows us to continually enhance our customers’ experience and drive the exceptional value our customers want and expect from us.”

    — VP of Strategic Data & Analytics
  • Asahi Breweries

    It is our top priority to support our clients to help increase their sales and profits. To do this, it is very important to learn how each initiative works and to identify what is the ‘winning pattern.’ Traditionally, to figure out which initiative would generate profits, we used to roll it out and wait to understand the results. But by introducing APT’s Test & Learn software, we can predict the impact of the initiative before rolling it out. This enables us to understand the impact of new programs with higher accuracy. For example, when we were considering introducing a new beer menu at a restaurant network, we tested the idea using APT’s software. We found that the new beer menu did not lead to the expected increase in margin and also decreased the sales of beer. Based on this result, we decided not to roll out the initiative. Instead we tested an alternative initiative and found out that the impact of the new initiative was profitable for both the restaurant network and us. APT’s software identified the profit improvement opportunities for this initiative and improved collaboration with the restaurant company.

    — Director of Asahi Breweries
  • Boots

    From the outset, we were impressed with APT and excited by the possibilities the software was offering. We have been extremely satisfied with the results Test & Learn provided from our in-store trials, which determined our longer term investment decisions.

    — Head of Trials Management
  • IHG

    Our executive team is now both comfortable and confident in relying on Test and Learn to inform decision making. As a result, we have an accelerated rate of innovation within IHG and leverage a consistent framework for making large dollar investment decisions across the company.

    — Chief Marketing Officer
  • McDonald’s

    APT’s software has given us a platform to measure the cause-and-effect impact of our initiatives more rapidly, accurately and efficiently. Their software solutions seamlessly integrate into our current decision-making process and enable us to more quickly measure dozens of in-market experiments across KPIs. For instance, APT’s software helped us understand that ‘All Day Breakfast’ generated incremental business by attracting new customers and leading to larger check sizes for existing customers. This initiative was a primary driver of growth in our most recent quarter.

    — Senior Vice President of Strategy and Insights
  • Subway

    Some people think that Test and Learn™ is nerdy and a lot of analysis. I think it's just the opposite. It helps us to be maximally creative and risk taking. We can test any exciting but risky idea before we roll it out and rapidly roll out the ones that work. With APT we were able to very rapidly develop a capability that otherwise would take years to create in-house; in addition APT's solution provided consistent, standardized results allowing us to innovate quickly and with confidence.

    — President and CEO of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT)
  • TD Bank Group

    The APT platform enables us to better leverage the wealth of data in the call center to greatly improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. From strategic questions surrounding outsourcing, to more tactical questions about how frequently we should reach out to customers during a campaign, the APT Suite is helping us improve upon our business.

    — Senior Vice President, Phone Channel