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Online Marketing Program: An Auto Case Study

The Company

A leading US auto manufacturer working with a digital publisher

The Challenge

The client was trying to understand what role digital advertising should play in its overall marketing strategy. As such, the client wanted to evaluate the ROI of online marketing activity and compare it to traditional channels. The campaign promoted one specific car model for the manufacturer.

The Solution

The manufacturer had invested over $700K to generate almost 400 million impressions over the course of the campaign. The team leveraged APT’s Test & Learn® software to compare test markets that had received the bulk of the media spend to control markets that had received almost no spend. The software then matched test zip codes to similar control zip codes. The change in performance in the test markets was compared to the change in performance in the control markets.

The Results

By testing the digital ads, the automaker measured an ROI of over 5X for the campaign. Going forward, the company was able to target the ads to zips that were predicted to respond best and further improve ROI.
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