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Network Planner

APT’s Network Planner provides a complete tool for managing and developing a capital strategy and execution plan for the entire retail bank network. From new site planning and existing site modification through full market planning, Network Planner assists real estate professionals and planners in assessing individual investment opportunities and managing network growth. Designed to provide analysis and process support for a comprehensive capital strategy, the software marries individual site-level decisions to overall market strategies, factoring in historical experience with each recommendation.

Shareholder value creation for any network retail bank hinges on an effective capital strategy. As a result, most retail banks invest significant resources developing their real estate team and supporting them with tools and/or external professionals. Despite this investment, many retail banks still have an unacceptably high failure rate on their capital investments.

APT Value Creation

APT’s innovative software provides leading edge functionality for setting goals around projects with large capital outlays such as new site selection, capital upgrade decisions, and site divestitures. Network Planner provides specific recommendations for each existing branch and potential new site. Driven by highly advanced, powerful prediction and optimization technologies, the tool gives users the ability to conduct analyses at every important level of capital outlay, from single-branch projects to long-range goal setting, across the network.

Network Planner helps retail banks answer such complex and important questions as:

  • Will this proposed new branch be financially successful? What is its predicted performance by product category?
  • What is the best branch configuration to build at this location?
  • Will this potential new branch still be profitable if a major competitor opens a new branch down the street?
  • Which capital upgrade programs are most successful? Where can I profitably roll out these programs to additional sites?
  • After an acquisition, which branches should be closed or consolidated?
  • How many branches should I have in this market? Where specifically should they be located?

By using Network Planner to manage the network planning and capital investment process, large retail banks can optimize their capital decisions and thereby optimize capital returns, market share, cash flow, and net income.

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