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Test & Learn for Employees™

Test & Learn for Employees™ is the most advanced application for measuring the impact of labor and staffing actions. The result is analysis that generates powerful insights which lead to specific, profit-increasing actions. Many retail banks have recognized the importance of improving HR analytics but lack the tools necessary to derive actionable information from their data. Test & Learn for Employees™ determines how any labor or staffing action affects the employee’s performance and identifies the profile of employees who respond best to that action.

APT Value Creation

Test & Learn for Employees™ offers a platform that brings information from the data warehouse to the analysts and, via integration with the APT Suite, allows retail banks to generate holistic program views. With Test & Learn for Employees™, retail banks are now able to address specific issues, such as:

  • What is the right staffing level for each branch?
  • Which branch or call center employees are most effective?
  • Should a branch add specialized staff that focuses on certain types of products or customers?
  • Which customers should specialized staff target?
  • Which training programs are most effective?

Test & Learn for Employees™ uses built-in pattern recognition and optimization technology to automatically seek out targeting opportunities in order to maximize the ROI of any labor or staffing action. In each analysis, the APT software automatically examines every element of data available about each employee and looks for correlations between an employee’s performance and their other characteristics. Items with the highest correlation are presented to the analyst for review.

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