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All financial services companies have pricing models, but few understand what will actually happen when price is changed. As the economic and competitive environment rapidly changes, pricing models often become outdated quickly.

Using Test & Learn™, retail banks can try changing acquisition rates for some markets or existing product rates for some customers and measure the impact of that change. More importantly, this testing approach identifies the types of customers who are more rate sensitive, which can in turn be used to measure the impact of that change.

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What Are Executives Saying About Test & Learn?


"We are excited to be working with APT. We believe in the importance of the Test and Learn methodology and look forward to applying Test and Learn to a wide range of initiatives. Implementing APT allows us to measure the incremental value of any new program before committing to a network-wide rollout. This enables us to focus our resources on the highest value opportunities going forward."

— Vice President of Channel Strategy