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Test & Learn for Customers™


Test & Learn for Customers™ measures the cross-channel impact of guest-facing programs over time, improving the targeting of these offerings to specific segments and increasing program profitability.

Some large-scale hotel companies have existing methods to extract lessons from guest-level data. APT’s Test & Learn for CustomersTM delivers superior results by quickly generating deeper knowledge that in turn drives more profitable business decisions. By working with APT, clients:

    • Enhance measurement accuracy through more sophisticated methods that minimize measurement error (adjusting for uncontrollable factors that can impact performance, such as weather or competitor actions)
    • Improve Program ROI by identifying and quantifying relevant guest, market, and program characteristics that correlate with success 
    • Track a multi-channel view of the guest by leveraging APT’s open data model that can be flexibly expanded to include inputs from any point of customer contact and provide real-time visibility into all programs affecting a guest
    • Achieve insights broadly across an organization as APT’s on-demand software solution can be quickly and easily used across all departments in an organization without need for specialized training or advanced degrees

    • Make decisions with confidence that are based on consistent analytic assumptions, processes and methods, leading to ROI measures that can be easily compared across programs
APT clients are using APT’s Test & Learn for CustomersTM to drive insight on the following example topics: 

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