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Test & Learn for Producers™

APT’s Test and Learn for Producers™ enables insurers selling through large-scale captive and independent sales forces to accurately understand the impact of new ideas and tailor them to maximize profits. Test and Learn for Producers™ is the most advanced turnkey test management solution that helps organizations efficiently design and execute tests to analyze a variety of strategic and tactical programs. Organizations that have institutionalized Test & Learn™ to rapidly and accurately evaluate high-potential ideas generate millions of dollar in incremental profits.

APT Value Creation

Test & Learn™ enables executives to answer specific questions about any idea or initiative prior to incurring the risk and expense of rollout, such as:

What impact will this initiative have on my results – revenues, profits, market share, etc.?

Test & Learn™ for Producers is the most advanced application for measuring the impact of a mix of actions across channels and over time, including:

  • Incentive programs
  • Support services
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Pricing strategies

For any proposed new initiative, Test & Learn™ allows leading insurers to run multiple tests at once and yields rapid, reliable answers that drive customer insights and long-term corporate value.

Will the initiative have a larger impact on some producers or regions than others? What is the predicted impact, by producer and by market, and can I design a rollout program that maximizes returns?

Test & Learn™ for Producers allows executives to quantify the impact of new initiatives by producer or region. In addition, companies can use Test & Learn™ to enhance ROI by:

  • Quantifying any halo or cannibalization effects from launching a new product, service, or program
  • Building a “Winner’s Profile” by identifying the producer, geographic, and customer characteristics associated with above-average program performance
  • Developing producer or market-targeted rollout plans based on the “Winner’s Profile” created for each initiative

What value is created by the individual components of the initiative? Can the initiative be engineered before rollout to maximize its value? 

Test & Learn™ uses built-in pattern recognition and optimization technology to automatically seek out segmentation and targeting opportunities in order to maximize the ROI of any action. It is built on the reality that most new business ideas are usually neither all success nor all failure — they tend to work well in certain situations but may not in others. In each analysis, the APT software automatically identifies opportunities to tailor and target the tested idea for maximum impact.

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