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Multi-Channel Marketing: An Insurance Case Study

The Company

A leading P&C provider

The Challenge

The insurer had recently launched a media campaign (including digital, radio, direct mail, and TV) in several markets and needed to understand the attributable ROI across each channel.

The Solution

The organization turned to APT to help them disentangle the results of each campaign channel. APT analysis showed that the media investment caused significant increases in premiums overall. However, by de-averaging the results, the client learned that digital advertising actually had the greatest ROI, followed closely by TV and radio, while direct mail had no statistically significant impact. Furthermore, the client found that the media campaign was significantly more successful in some markets compared to others.

The Results

Using these learnings, the insurer reduced investment in direct mail and reallocated that budget towards digital. Additionally, the organization only rolled out the media campaign in the markets scientifically proven to generate positive ROI, greatly increasing the overall success of the program.
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