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Pricing & Product Management

While insurance companies have great experience with actuarial science and underwriting, many organizations lack the capability to measure the in-market impact of pricing and product changes. Understanding customer elasticity to price changes and the true incremental impact of new products is critical to driving sustained profit growth. APT’s Test & Learn™ management system enables the accurate evaluation of customer response to these programs, allowing insurers to refine and optimize go-to-market decisions worth tens of millions of dollars to the bottom line.

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Leading insurers have been applying Test & Learn™ to the following types of pricing and product management questions:

  • What is the incremental impact of a pricing change? How does response vary by market segment, competitive positioning, and other factors?
  • What is the total impact, across all product lines, of re-pricing existing customers?
  • Is bundling an effective strategy for driving incremental sales? What discount, if any, generates the best returns?
  • What level of incremental sales is generated by a new product launch, net of cannibalization and halo effects? What is the most effective strategy for launching a new product?