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Evaluating a New Treatment

The Company

A large healthcare provider

The Challenge

The provider wanted to understand if they should invest in a therapeutic that would reduce the need for a supplemental treatment, but it was analytically challenging to account for the many other factors that could also influence treatment outcomes.

The Solution

Test & Learn revealed that the drug was responsible for a significant reduction in the use of supplemental treatments, especially for certain segments of the patient populations.

Test & Learn automatically segmented the results to show for which patient populations the therapeutic drove significantly different reductions in supplemental treatments, as well as other patients where keeping clinical outcomes equal, it did not make economic sense to use the drug. Ultimately, this analysis helped the provider drive increased adoption and more effective use of the new drug due to the statistical results they could share with the treatment decision-makers.

The Results

Test & Learn helped the provider evaluate pricing for the drug as well as the specific patient circumstances where it made most sense to use it.
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