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Using Test & Learn to Improve DTC Effectiveness

The Company

A leading pharmaceutical company operating across multiple therapeutic areas

The Challenge

In an effort to improve performance of an underperforming drug, the client launched a DTC print campaign, but wanted to understand expected impact before committing to a more significant investment. To de-risk the launch, the client first tested the campaign in five distinct markets. However, once the program was in market, management was having a difficult time disentangling the results and determining ROI.

The Solution

The client turned to APT’s Test & Learn software to measure the cause-and-effect relationship between the campaign and key performance metrics.

Using Test & Learn software, the client learned that the campaign led to a statistically significant increase in scripts in test markets. The software then automatically segmented the results and showed that the greatest increase in scripts came from physicians with specific characteristics (e.g., primary care physicians, from physicians who had not attended a seminar, physicians in markets with specific demographic characteristics, etc.). Using these drivers of performance, APT software recommended a tailored and targeted rollout to only the markets predicted to pay back the investment.

The Results

By targeting the rollout, the client generated over $2MM in incremental profits. Additionally, the client was able to reinvest over $3MM in saved media investments to more profitable channels.
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