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Optimizing Speaker Programs

The Company

A leading pharmaceutical company marketing multiple blockbuster drugs

The Challenge

A primary care brand team invested millions of dollars per year in speaker programs. The brand team viewed these investments as a cost of doing business, but was never able to accurately quantify the statistical impact or understand how to improve these events for maximum effectiveness.

However, as the executive team became more data-driven in their commercial strategies, they urged their brand teams to begin quantifying the impact and minimizing the risk of their largest investments. Yet it was difficult to quantify if the events actually led to incremental scripts, or if the “test” physicians, who attended the program, would have written more scripts anyway.

The Solution

The brand team turned to APT’s Test & Learn software to help them isolate the incremental impact of the speaker program, accounting for other factors that could influence performance.

With the right control group in place, Test & Learn revealed that, on average, while the speaker programs generated a statistically significant increase in prescriptions, they were not generating an acceptable ROI.

Next, Test & Learn automatically segmented the results to identify which physicians responded best, revealing that targeting just a small fraction of the total physician base could generate the vast majority of the benefit. Test & Learn also identified opportunities to improve the programs, showing that off-site events were significantly more profitable than on-site events.

APT then combined these drivers of performance into a statistical model to predict the incremental impact of each physician attending an event, helping the organization focus their invitations on the highest-value physicians.

The Results

Through accurate test vs. control measurement and the resulting insights about how to tailor and target future speaker program investments, the organization increased the ROI on its speaker program by over 300%, generating over $10MM in annual incremental profits.
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