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Evaluating a New Sales Role

The Company

A primary care brand team at a top 15 pharmaceutical manufacturer

The Challenge

To regain share from physicians who had recently been writing more scripts of competing products, the organization tried investing in Sampling Associates, who would deliver samples to certain physician groups. The organization’s analytics team was struggling to measure of the ROI of this investment, as physicians receiving samples had inherently different script growth trends than the rest of the physician network; they were also different than the rest of the physician base with respect to demographic factors in their clinics’ local markets.

The Solution

APT’s Test & Learn software identified important differences between test physicians and the rest of the network. Once identified, the software algorithmically matched test physicians to an optimal set of control physicians, mitigating biases. With the right analytic settings in place, the software showed that the investment led to a statistically significant increase in new prescriptions (NRx). However, due to the cost of the calls and samples, in aggregate, the investment in Sampling Associates did not meet the organization’s desired cost / benefit threshold.

The software then automatically identified an opportunity to tailor the program to increase ROI. In fact, despite increased costs, more frequent calls were shown to be profitable. APT’s software also automatically isolated the factors that drove higher NRx.

Test & Learn then built a model – using the identified drivers of performance – to target future investments to the physicians predicted to have the highest incremental response.

The Results

The software revealed that targeting about half of the possible physician network would capture the vast majority of the benefit, leading to millions of dollars in incremental profits, while enabling the organization to retarget a substantial part of their budget to other opportunities.
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