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Optimizing Physician Outreach Strategies

The Company

A leading pharmaceutical company with multiple specialty drugs

The Challenge

The company was interested in using a contract sales organization to replace costly sales force investments for some of their specialty drugs. However, after trying a variety of analytic approaches to measure the effectiveness of the new strategy on one of their drugs, executives were still unsure whether the program was having an impact.

The Solution

APT’s Test & Learn software was able to isolate the signal of the program amidst the noise caused by factors unrelated to the investment. The software found that the investment led to a clear and statistically significant increase in prescriptions, but the impact was not enough to meet the organization’s desired success hurdles.

To identify opportunities to increase ROI, APT’s software automatically segmented program performance to show which aspects of the investment were most effective, such as number of live dialogues and call content. Further, the software drilled into results by physician segment, showing that the program worked best with physicians in higher income areas and physicians who had lower prescription volume of the drug. APT’s software used these drivers of performance to recommend the optimal rollout strategy.

The Results

Using APT’s software to target the right physicians with tailored content and delivery improved ROI of the program by 50%.
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