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Test & Learn for Consumers™

APT's Test & Learn for Consumers™ is used to provide shopper insights and to evaluate and optimize initiatives that will have an impact on specific consumers or consumer segments.  Shopper loyalty to brands can be identified, promotions can be evaluated, and assortment decisions can incorporate shopper metrics.  Consumer promotions such as direct mail, FSIs, and coupons can be evaluated at the individual consumer level.  Automatic identification of factors associated with above and below average performance allows initiatives to be targeted to maximize ROI.

APT Value Creation

With APT's Test & Learn for Consumers™, manufacturers are now able to address specific issues, such as:

How loyal are consumers to my brands?

Understanding brand loyalty and consumer switching behavior can be used to assist with many marketing and merchandising decisions.  APT's Test & Learn for Consumers™ utilizes loyalty card data from retail trading partners to understand how consumer purchase behavior changes through time and in response to promotions.

How can I measure the impact of consumer promotions on specific consumer segments?

APT's Test & Learn for Consumers™ enables companies to quantify the effectiveness of different initiatives, such as direct mail marketing campaigns and in-store media, and evaluate the response by consumer segment, thereby gaining a better understanding of how different consumer segments respond.

How do I identify the appropriate pricing structure for trade promotions?

Manufacturers and retailers frequently use multiples and BOGO pricing in their trade promotions.  But, in some instances, running a BOGO may not change a consumer’s purchase behavior and may in fact, simply subsidize a purchase they make on a frequent basis.  For example, if 80% of consumers purchase two bottles of soda and 20% only buy one, then running a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promotion would not change the behavior of 80% of consumers.  As a result, the manufacturer and retailer would not be increasing sales dollars in a meaningful way but would be spending a significant portion of their trade funds.  Better promotion price design can ensure that retailers and manufacturers are maximizing the value from each trade dollar, and APT's Test & Learn for Consumers™ provides the capability to do so.

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