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Test & Learn for Stores™

APT’s Test & Learn for Stores™ enables manufacturers to accurately understand the impact of consumer-focused initiatives on key performance metrics and tailor them to maximize profits. Test & Learn for Stores™ is the most advanced turnkey test management solution that helps organizations efficiently design and execute tests to analyze a variety of strategic and tactical programs. Organizations that institutionalize Test & Learn™ to rapidly and accurately evaluate high-potential ideas generate millions of dollar in incremental profits each year.

APT Value Creation

Test & Learn for Stores™ enables executives to answer specific questions about any idea or initiative, prior to rollout, such as:

What impact will this initiative have on results – revenues, profits, investment returns, market share, etc.?

Test & Learn for Stores™ enables companies to evaluate new ideas with low-cost, low-risk, in-market tests across a broad range of issues, including:

  • Trade promotion investment
  • Merchandising
  • Product mix & new product introductions
  • Aisle reinvention
  • Retail servicing
  • Delivery for DSD items

For any proposed new initiative, Test & Learn for Stores™ allows leading consumer products manufacturers to run tests with retail partners and yields rapid, reliable analyses of sales, margin, and profit impact, driving consumer insight and long-term corporate value.

Will the initiative have a larger impact on some consumer segments than others? What is the predicted impact by store and by market? Can I design a targeted roll-out plan that maximizes returns?

Test & Learn for Stores™ allows executives to segment the impact of new initiatives by region, by retailer, or by consumer segment. Using Test & Learn for Stores™, manufacturers can enhance ROI by identifying consumer profiles that respond most positively to new initiatives and tailor roll-outs to target successful segments at the retailer or geographic level.

What value is created by the individual components of the initiative? Can the initiative be engineered before rollout to maximize its value? 

Test & Learn for Stores™ uses built-in pattern recognition and optimization technology to automatically seek out value engineering opportunities to maximize the ROI of any action. APT's tools adjust to the reality that most new business ideas are neither complete successes nor complete failures — certain elements of the idea can work well in certain situations but may not in others. Consumer products companies use APT to identify products, categories, and brands that experience the greatest lift as a result of a new initiative, net of halo or cannibalization effects. These insights can be used to intelligently adjust inventory levels. Additionally, Test & Learn™ is commonly used to identify in-store marketing tactics and broader media support that can improve consumer awareness of the new initiative, while highlighting other marketing techniques that simply increase cost without driving sales.

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