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Case Studies

Marketing & Media

Using Test & Learn™, brands are able to quickly and accurately measure marketing effectiveness by channel and campaign, fine-tuning messaging and offers to maximize ROI. APT clients use Test & Learn™ to answer a range of questions, including:

  • Do online ads drive in-store sales?

  • What tactics can improve the ROI of weekly newspaper inserts given the shrinking subscriber base of traditional print vehicles? Alternative distribution? Reduced page count? New formats? Alternative frequency? 

  • Which consumer promotions drive incremental transactions, and how can they be better targeted to improve returns?

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    Customer Segmentation and Targeting
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    Category Management and Space Planning
  • Trends & Analytics Overview

    Trends & Analytics Overview
  • Big Data Analytics

    Big Data Analytics
  • APT's Software Suite

    APT's Software Suite
  • Using Test & Learn to Evaluate Promotional Strategies

    Using Test & Learn to Evaluate Promotional Strategies
  • APT Category Management Insights

    APT Category Management Insights

What Are Executives Saying About Test & Learn?

Owens Corning

"With an ever-increasing number of touch points with consumers in today’s market, it’s crucial that we continue to refine the science we use to analyze and understand exactly how the marketing and merchandising mix is driving purchasing decisions. Our exclusive relationship with APT is key to pushing that science forward, in that it not only provides us with an efficient and analytically sophisticated tool to understand the true impact of our marketing efforts, it also provides our customers with a strategic competitive advantage in the marketplace and drives our mutual success."

- Director of Strategic Marketing