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Optimizing Shopper Marketing Initiatives: A Manufacturing Case Study

The Company

An international brand investing hundreds of millions of dollars a year in shopper marketing

The Challenge

To optimize its sizable investment in shopper marketing, the manufacturer needed to find a rapid and consistent way to compare new in-store initiatives. This was difficult with multiple concurrent promotions active across a vast international network of retail locations.

The Solution

The manufacturer chose APT’s Test & Learn™ software to quantify the unique impact of each marketing component. Test & Learn™ used the company’s Big Data to analyze a broad range of initiatives, such as FSIs, signage, displays, sampling, and media ads. After Test & Learn™ revealed which initiatives were most effective within particular groups and markets, APT helped the manufacturer target its shopper marketing, store by store.

The Results

Fine-tuning its shopper marketing efforts with APT’s predictive analytics led the manufacturer to millions of dollars in incremental profit.
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