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Retail Servicing: A Manufacturing Case Study

The Company

A category-leading multinational manufacturer

The Challenge

Management wanted to quantify the impact of various service levels at its retail partner’s stores in order to improve field sales force allocation. In particular, management wanted to optimize the frequency of visits that servicing personnel made to each store.

The Solution

The manufacturer chose APT’s predictive analytics to test the impact of various changes to its servicing program. Using the manufacturer’s own store of Big Data, APT’s software identified the incremental value of different service levels and inventory adjustments. This information showed the manufacturer that the ROI of the servicing program would improve by focusing its resources on a subset of stores. APT’s software identified the stores where the greatest return was generated from store servicing.

The Results

With scientific accuracy, APT’s Test & Learn™ software predicted the optimal frequency for servicing and inventory adjustments for a list of targeted stores. Servicing at this precise frequency minimized costs and drove tens of millions of dollars in incremental sales.
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