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Case Studies

Retailer-Supplier Collaboration

APT solutions enable manufacturers to answer key questions in conjunction with their retail partners, including:

  • How can we optimize shelf assortment to simplify the shopper’s buying experience while maintaining category share and gross margin?

  • How can merchandising solutions within the aisle or department both improve the shopper experience and deliver a positive ROI? 

  • How can shopper loyalty data be used to inform shopper marketing initiatives and create more targeted and relevant marketing messages and offers?

  • Which brands, messages, times of day, and locations within the store drive the best results for in-store marketing programs?

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    Category Management and Space Planning
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    Customer Segmentation and Targeting
  • Trends & Analytics Overview

    Trends & Analytics Overview
  • Big Data Analytics

    Big Data Analytics
  • APT's Software Suite

    APT's Software Suite
  • Using Test & Learn to Evaluate Promotional Strategies

    Using Test & Learn to Evaluate Promotional Strategies
  • APT Category Management Insights

    APT Category Management Insights

What Are Executives Saying About Test & Learn?

American Greetings

"By using Test and Learn, we know that we are basing our decisions on proven potential, and this allows us to build an implementation plan with the highest expected benefit. On the flip side, testing prevents us from making poor choices and allows us to invest our money in the initiatives that will be most profitable."

— Director of Quantitative Methods and Research