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Test & Learn for Customers™

Test & Learn for Customers™ is the most advanced application for measuring the impact of a mix of actions across channels and over time. The result is analysis that generates powerful insights, which lead to specific profit-increasing action. Many restaurant companies have recognized the importance of conducting tests and analyzing customer data but lack the tools necessary to derive actionable information from their data. While typical direct marketing models only consider a single action (i.e. a newspaper coupon) and measure a single response (i.e. customer redeems or does not redeem), Test & Learn for Customers™ identifies impacts across the entire customer relationship over time.

APT Value Creation

Test & Learn for Customers™ offers a platform that brings information from the data warehouse to the analysts and, via integration with the APT Suite, allows restaurant companies to generate holistic program views. With Test & Learn for Customers™, restaurant executives are now able to address specific issues, such as:

How do I launch an effective loyalty program?

Many restaurant companies have gathered customer data for a loyalty program but are unable to analyze the data to create a meaningful and effective program. With Test & Learn for Customers™, integrated customer, site, and geographic data allow executives to assess response to a loyalty program by customer segment, so they can better understand the relationship with a customer over time and how to continuously grow that relationship through targeted marketing offers, refined loyalty programs, etc.

How can I measure the impact of an initiative on a specific customer segment?

Current models allow restaurant companies to assess the overall sales impact of a program but cannot drill down to the impact on specific customer groups. In Test & Learn for Customers™, results for both current programs and past programs are broken out by distinct customer segments and attributes describing the customer segment.

How do I identify the types of customers mostly likely to attrite?

Losing customers to a competitor erodes millions of sales dollars each year. Test & Learn for Customers™ quantifies the value lost through attrition over time and identifies the types of customers most at risk. APT clients leverage this knowledge to focus increased attention on at-risk customers, and, in turn, improve customer retention over time.

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