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Case Studies

Business Issues for Restaurant Companies

Restaurant organizations are collecting an increasing amount of data about each of their locations and guests. Simultaneously, decision-makers are continuously launching initiatives to improve the guest experience, increase guest visits, and grow check size.

APT’s software suite for restaurants helps leaders isolate the incremental impact of each strategic change, improve the profitability of their menus, automate complex analyses, and much more. More than 30 restaurant brands globally leverage APT’s software suite to generate tens of millions of dollars in annual incremental profits.

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  • The Promotional Cone of Uncertainty: Redemption Rate vs. Incrementality

    The Promotional Cone of Uncertainty: Redemption Rate vs. Incrementality
  • Capital Expenditures

    Capital Expenditures
  • Menu Innovation

    Menu Innovation
  • Pricing Optimization

    Pricing Optimization
  • Common Mistakes in Pricing

    Common Mistakes in Pricing
  • Competing with Fast Casual

    Competing with Fast Casual
  • APT's Software Suite

    APT's Software Suite
  • The APT Index

    The APT Index
  • Effectively Using Customer Data

    Effectively Using Customer Data
  • Using Test & Learn in a Franchised Environment

    Using Test & Learn in a Franchised Environment

Restaurants report analyzing tests more than 5 times faster using APT’s software than using their organization’s previous method.

What Are Executives Saying About Test & Learn?


Restaurant -box

"Some people think that Test and Learn™ is nerdy and a lot of analysis. I think it's just the opposite. It helps us to be maximally creative and risk taking. We can test any exciting but risky idea before we roll it out and rapidly roll out the ones that work. With APT we were able to very rapidly develop a capability that otherwise would take years to create in-house; in addition APT's solution provided consistent, standardized results allowing us to innovate quickly and with confidence."

— President and CEO of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT)