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Optimizing Media Spend: A Restaurant Case Study

The Company

A leading franchised QSR chain

The Challenge

The fast food chain anticipated devoting significant media budget to support the launch of a major new product. Large franchisees in several field regions disagreed over the value of media spend, and asked for evidence of the effectiveness of the proposed advertising strategy.

The Solution

Management used APT’s Test & Learn™ software to design and implement a test to better understand the return on media spend. Based on the results of the tests, APT found that TV support was effective only up to a specific level. In addition, the software identified that the heavy-up advertising approach was most effective in certain market types. The restaurant chain was able to target its advertising spend accordingly, saving money by eliminating less-effective media spend while still providing the necessary levels of visibility for a successful product launch.

The Results

Following the product’s rollout, the market-specific approach to advertising was determined to be highly effective, with an estimated impact of over $15MM in incremental profit.
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