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Case Studies

Menu Innovation

The menu is the most direct lever to significantly improve financial returns. Adding or rationalizing menu items, changing menu layout, adding items to a value menu, promoting items on an insert or menu board, and altering bundling strategies can rapidly affect the profitability of a restaurant. The key to optimizing the menu is to rapidly leverage detailed transaction- and guest-level data.

Through rapid analysis of transaction- and guest-level data, APT’s Menu Analyzer software helps restaurants identify items to promote, remove, or improve. Test & Learn™ enables marketing and menu teams to isolate the incremental impact of introducing new menu items, net of halo and cannibalization effects.

Example menu innovation questions addressed by APT’s software suite:

  • Which items are found in the most profitable checks?
  • What items are known to improve loyalty to the restaurant among first-time guests? Conversely, what items are ordered frequently but do not generate loyalty?
  • Which items should we bundle together to generate larger checks?
  • Which items should we feature prominently on our menu or menu board?
  • What is the true incremental impact of new menu items?
  • Which Limited Time Offers (LTOs) should we make permanent menu items?

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"Panera is laser-focused on providing our customers with outstanding food and an unparalleled experience. APT’s software gives us a better understanding of marketplace dynamics, particularly what out customers want. The executive team and I have been impressed by the valuable insights we have generated with the APT platform, and we look forward to continuing our work with APT to enhance our long-term strategy."

- Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO