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Category Management Insights

Category Management Insights is a cloud-based tool that provides automated, analytically-robust recommendations to merchants. It is designed to answer three key questions that merchandising leaders make on a daily basis:

  1. How is my category performing overall?
  2. What is the optimal promotional strategy?
  3. What is the impact of adding or removing a SKU?

In answering all of these questions, Category Management Insights integrates basket- and customer-level data with advanced analytics to provide actionable recommendations. 

Instead of spending time manipulating or waiting for data, Category Management Insights leverages advanced algorithms to accurately and rapidly answer the most important business questions for each organization. Further, Category Management Insights never provides just static reports; decision-makers can always dive into each output to gain a more granular view of performance.

Pain Points Category Managers Face Today

  • Inefficiency
    Too much time is spent gathering, aggregating, and querying data
  • Insights are too Basic
    Many factors can impact performance of a given category, promotion, end-cap, new product introduction, etc., but Category Managers can't drill down into their static reports to understand what's really driving performance
  • Data Visualization Tools Require Advanced Analytic Knowledge
    Visualization tools are not designed for business decision-makers and outputs are not oriented around answering business questions

5 Reasons to Use APT Category Management Insights

  1. Basket and Shopper Impact
    APT's insights go beyond simple sales reporting. With Category Management Insights, you can explore the basket- and shopper-level dynamics of merchandising. Understand what items are purchased together, what types of shoppers are attracted by a new program, or which products drive future loyalty
  2. Tangible Recommendations
    All insights are framed around relevant business questions. The platform automatically identifies key opportunities, including stores and customers to target for improvement or portions of the category to rationalize
  3. Automation & Speed
    As soon as data is available, APT automatically runs analysis. Understand the impact of promotions and new product introductions in minutes - not weeks
  4. Standardization of Best Practices
    APT's platform automatically generates analysis for different parts of the organization based on best practice templates. This ensures a single version of the truth and high quality analysis across the organization
  5. Ready Out of the Box
    No long design process or internal configuration is required; merchants never need to load data or write complex queries to perform analysis

Category Management Insights Answers a Broad Range of Critical Questions

  • Overall, is my category growth healthy? Are we keeping up with goals? How are we trending vs. the same period last year?
  • What external factors impact my category's performance?
  • On Monday morning, can I understand how this past weekend’s promotion impacted KPIs in my category?
  • Did customers cherry-pick promoted items or were they included in profitable baskets?
  • What is the difference in shopping behavior between different customer segments?
  • Which items should I promote and which should I rationalize?
  • Is a new product introduction driving incremental transactions in my category or does it cannibalize existing products? Is basket size impacted?
  • What is the repeat purchase pattern of a customer who buys a new product category?

Contact APT today to learn more about how your organization can leverage Category Management Insights to improve merchandising decision-making.