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District Manager Selection: A Retail Case Study

The Company

A large North American retailer with 800+ stores

The Challenge

The company wanted to hire managers who would be able to successfully maximizes sales and margin in their stores/districts. In order to do this, the retailer had to identify which store and district managers were high performers and which were low performers.

The Solution

Using APT's Test & Learn for Sites, the retailer was able to efficiently and rigorously model the change in store performance after the manager was introduced as the indicator of manager quality. Then, APT automatically normalized the change in performance to see which stores had large performance improvements (good managers) and which stores experienced no lift (poor managers).

The Results

The client is now using the analysis from APT's Test & Learn for Sites to guide its manager hiring decisions. The company's understanding of the drivers of manager success is helping its HR Department pick the right candidates.
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