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Case Studies

Marketing Effectiveness

With long buying cycles and multiple marketing and sales touchpoints, knowing which marketing activities truly generate incremental revenue is incredibly challenging. B2B marketers have generally taken a few approaches to determining marketing effectiveness: 1) measuring response metrics, such as click-through rate, 2) using attribution models (e.g., attributing revenue to some combination of marketing actions before purchase) or 3) simply relying on anecdotes and intuition. Unfortunately, none of these strategies can accurately isolate the true cause-and-effect relationship between a marketing action and sales performance and profitably guide decision-making.

APT’s Test & Learn software enables organizations to design and analyze in-market tests to determine the incremental impact of their investments. B2B leaders use Test & Learn to answer the following types of questions:

  • Which of our event investments pay back? Which customers and prospects should we invite to future events?
  • How can we optimize our direct marketing (email and direct mail) strategy to more quickly move accounts down the funnel?
  • What is the incremental impact of increasing spend on brand advertising?
  • Which accounts warrant increased marketing attention? With which offering should we lead?
  • How should we optimize pricing across customer segments and product/service lines?