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APT Case Study: Optimizing Event Investments

The Company

A B2B technology company that devotes substantial marketing budget to prospect- and client-facing events.

The Challenge

There was a great deal of uncertainty in the organization about how productive event investments were. Complex sales processes with numerous sales and marketing touchpoints along the way made it impossible to isolate the true incremental impact of event attendance on KPIs like revenue. Furthering this challenge, companies that attended events were naturally more likely to make purchases, so understanding how much more they purchased because of an event was an analytic challenge. Without an accurate and reliable methodology for measuring the effectiveness of these events, executives struggled to decide how to allocate budget in the upcoming year.

The Solution

The organization used APT’s Test & Learn software to isolate the cause-and-effect impact of attending an event on subsequent purchasing behavior, accounting for all other factors that could affect revenue. The software measured a substantial lift in revenue per account after event attendance, showing that the ROI was much larger than initially measured by the company’s internal tools. APT then drilled into the results to identify key drivers of performance, helping analysts understand which event features were most effective and which types of prospects/customers would respond best.

The Results

APT’s Test & Learn software provided a clear version of the truth, allowing executives to confidently allocate more budget and resources to those events that were shown to be most impactful. Additionally, by using the learnings from this analysis to tailor future events and target invites to the accounts that would respond best, the company had an opportunity to generate tens of millions of dollars in incremental annual profits.
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