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Case Studies

Sales Force Optimization

With large sales forces and many potential high value accounts upon which to invest effort, even small improvements in sales strategy can be incredibly profitable. Yet with complex sales cycles and multiple concurrent efforts generally occurring at once for each account, it's hard to tease apart which strategies truly lead to improved outcomes. By evaluating efforts that they take with some accounts, reps, or markets – but not others – companies are able to measure the true effectiveness of their sales force initiatives on a test vs. control basis. This approach enables executives to determine which strategies truly work, and how to target future efforts. 

APT’s Test & Learn software enables organizations to design and analyze in-market tests to determine the incremental impact of their sales force strategies. B2B leaders use Test & Learn to answer the following types of questions:

  • On which accounts should we increase sales force focus?
  • What is the optimal mix between in-person visits, WebEx meetings, calls, and other rep activities?
  • Which training programs are most effective? How does this vary by rep?
  • How does changing compensation structures or incentives impact sales rep performance?
  • Which leads should we prioritize?