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APT Case Study: B2B Sales Force Prioritization

The Company

A major enterprise technology firm with a large sales force

The Challenge

The company’s sales force, while extensive, could only focus its time and resources on a portion of the organization’s prospect universe. For senior sales and marketing executives, deciding which accounts to prioritize was among their most critical strategic responsibilities. To improve these decisions, the organization needed a robust method to isolate the true incremental impact of increasing sales focus on particular accounts.

The Solution

Using APT’s Test & Learn software, the company analyzed the account prioritization decisions from the previous year by comparing accounts that received added sales focus to control accounts that did not. Using this test vs. control methodology, APT’s software accurately isolated the true impact of added sales activities on pipeline movement and revenue. Further, the software segmented results to show that the increased sales efforts had substantially different effects on different types of accounts.

The Results

Based on APT’s findings, executives shifted long-standing strategic assumptions to prioritize accounts that were projected to respond best. This approach had the potential to substantially improve the return on sales efforts and drive more than $10MM in incremental revenue per year.
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