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Marketing & Customer Acquisition

Costs of acquiring a new customer are high in the telecommunications industry – but thanks to long-term relationships, each new customer can be extremely profitable. From online ads to TV and radio investments to direct mail, determining the attributable ROI for each message and channel is critical. Leaders at the largest and most successful consumer-facing companies leverage Test & Learn to ensure they are investing in the most profitable acquisition strategies.

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  • Industry Overview

    Industry Overview
  • Customer Retention

    Customer Retention
  • Improving Call Center Performance

    Improving Call Center Performance
  • Marketing & Media

    Marketing & Media

APT can be used to answer some of the following questions about marketing & customer acquisition:

  • How can we measure the effectiveness of various ads, copy, and visuals?
  • How should we invest by marketing channel in each market? Where should we increase spend, and where are there opportunities to reduce costs without a significant revenue impact?
  • What is the incremental impact of direct mail campaigns? How does this vary by customer, location, and offer?
  • What is the offline impact of online ads? How does this vary by market?