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Measuring the Offline Impact of Online Ads

The Company

US-based telecommunications provider, with over 2,000 stores

The Challenge

The client wanted to understand the in-store impact of online ads to determine a profitable go-forward strategy.

The Solution

The client looked to APT's enterprise Test & Learn™ software to design a paid search heavy-up in a representative set of markets and calculate the true attributable impact of the investment. A generic keyword search heavy-up was implemented in selected representative markets. Next, APT's Test & Learn for Ads ™ analyzed the impact of search advertising on in-store sales.

Using APT, the client found that stores in test markets with search ads saw a statistically significant lift in activations and sales, suggesting a very successful advertising campaign. Activations were higher across most products, and markets with the first set of keywords saw even higher returns. APT also identified certain market attributes that were associated with proportionately greater sales lifts than the overall average.

The Results

The client was able to scale back advertising costs in low-impact markets and expand the paid search campaigns in keywords that drove the most sales lift in-store, significantly improving ROI of search advertising.
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