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Promotions & Bundled Offerings

The telecommunications industry uses promotional rates and bundled products to cross-sell sticky services to new and existing customers. Finding the optimal price for each offer and determining which customers to market them to are difficult tasks. Leaders in the industry are adopting a Test & Learn approach to understand which pricing, communication, and offer types work best for each customer segment to maximize revenue and minimize churn.

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    Industry Overview
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    Customer Retention
  • Improving Call Center Performance

    Improving Call Center Performance
  • Marketing & Media

    Marketing & Media

Leading telecommunications companies are using APT to answer the following questions about promotions & bundled offerings:

  • Which offers drive incremental revenue, and which discount bundles are offered to customers who would have paid the higher, unbundled price?
  • What is the optimal discount for bundled offerings?
  • Which marketing strategies best support each promotion?  Which customers are most responsive to targeted marketing spend?
  • What strategies are effective at increasing add-on services and products for new customers?