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Targeting Rollout of an Employee Training Program

The Company

A top North American wireless carrier, with a national network of retail locations

The Challenge

The client knew that increasing the effectiveness of their retail employees could have a positive bottom line impact but wanted to verify results before a network-wide rollout.

The Solution

The client turned to APT to help design and analyze a test of their new retail employee training program. APT software helped the client design a representative test that would maximize the ability to read a statistically significant test, while minimizing the expense of testing.

Once the test was in market, APT determined that the training program led to a significant increase in overall revenue. Automated drill-down analysis showed that the majority of the increase came from a lift in activation of a specific rate plan. The client then used APT’s software to find that the training program was highly effective in company-operated retail stores but did not drive additional revenue in other retail channels. Furthermore, APT identified that stores in areas with greater competitive density responded more positively to the program.

The Results

The client rolled out the training program to locations predicted to respond profitably, generating millions of dollars in incremental revenue, while reducing costs at locations that would not break even.
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