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Brand Management

Effectively differentiating hospitality and travel brands from their competitors and from other brands in a multi-brand portfolio is one of the most crucial objectives of a hotel executive. It is also among the most daunting, as there are many distinct areas to be managed and optimized. From the guest offering to marketing and communications to capital investments, these companies must select the best approach to achieve the brand’s objectives. This plan must earn the confidence of a broad set of stakeholders, especially hotel owners and franchisees.

Determining the exact impact of new initiatives on key performance metrics such as RevPAR, net income, and guest satisfaction requires rigorous testing methods and advanced technology.

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  • Franchise Relationships

    Franchise Relationships
  • Trends & Analytics Overview

    Trends & Analytics Overview
  • Channel Management

    Channel Management
  • Online & Mobile Strategies

    Online & Mobile Strategies
  • Capital Expenditures

    Capital Expenditures

APT’s clients use APT’s Test & Learn™ solutions to measure and optimize new business initiatives and answer questions such as:

  • What would be the RevPAR and ROI impact of upgrading lobbies and adding new in-room technology?
  • What elements of a lobby renovation are most effective in driving performance?
  • What would be the expected effect of a new breakfast offering in our limited service brand? Which of the several breakfast options results in a sustained lift in RevPAR?
  • What is the effectiveness of our associate training program in terms of guest satisfaction, return intent and RevPAR?
  • Where would increased services drive the greatest lift in guest satisfaction and ultimately financial performance?