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Case Studies

Capital Investment & Hotel Remodels

Hotel companies collectively spend billions of dollars each year remodeling and renovating hotels. From signage to lobby decor to in-room renovations, options are endless. Getting the most out of these capital investments can have a significant impact on profit growth, returns, and guest experience - but optimizing these investments is no simple task.

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  • Capital Expenditures

    Capital Expenditures
  • Trends & Analytics Overview

    Trends & Analytics Overview
  • Channel Management

    Channel Management
  • Franchise Relationships

    Franchise Relationships
  • Online & Mobile Strategies

    Online & Mobile Strategies
  • Capital Expenditures

    Capital Expenditures

Leading hotel companies use APT’s Test & Learn™ solutions to answer fundamental questions such as:

  • What is the overall ROI of a given capital investment? What is the impact on customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and other key qualitative metrics?

  • Which hotels would generate especially attractive returns?

  • What elements of the remodel are particularly effective? What is the optimal balance of “hard goods” versus “soft goods?" In what instances should we invest in a premium versus basic version of the capital investment?