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Marketing Effectiveness

Hospitality and travel executives are challenged in efforts to quantify marketing effectiveness. Given the scale of investments made in marketing campaigns and the opportunity for successful campaigns to drive performance, it is essential for marketers to continuously and accurately quantify the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. With this knowledge in hand, executives are able to refine and improve future actions and significantly increase the ROI of marketing spend.

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    Online & Mobile Strategies
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    Trends & Analytics Overview
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    Franchise Relationships
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    Online & Mobile Strategies
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    Capital Expenditures

Hospitality and travel marketers use APT’s Test & Learn™ solutions to quantify impact, build an ever-growing knowledge base of marketing insights, and answer such questions as:

  • What is the impact of a new marketing initiative on RevPAR, guest loyalty, and guest satisfaction? What is the right level of media intensity?  Which markets are most likely to see higher ROI?

  • How can online advertisements be tailored (e.g. content, placement, design) to drive greater returns?

  • How can discounts and price promotions be optimized to beat market competition without sacrificing brand positioning or bottom line value?