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APT Illuminate™ Overview

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, retailers are constantly looking for ways to drive people into their stores and encourage larger purchases. For most retailers, promotions are a critical traffic driver. Yet, with so many potential promotional options, it can be overwhelming for merchants and marketers to determine which offers successfully drive sales without destroying margin dollars and which simply give away money to customers who would have bought those items anyway. APT Illuminate™ is a software application that efficiently analyzes promotional and financial data to generate actionable insights about which types of promotions are most effective, enabling merchants and marketers to significantly improve the profitability of their promotional strategies.

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Icons _features Business Applications

Running the same promotions year after year without truly understanding how successful they are is a dangerous habit that risks giving away significant margin dollars without much benefit. APT Illuminate enables marketers and merchants to evaluate the effectiveness of each promotion, so that they can make the adjustments necessary to turn their promotional strategy into a competitive advantage. The software “illuminates” the answers to many important questions, such as:

  • Within each category or department, which specific items should we promote? Which offers (e.g., BOGO, $2 off, etc.) are most successful?
  • How can we understand the full economic impact of promotions, e.g., by looking at how it affects basket composition and customer acquisition?
  • What are the top and bottom performers? Which promotions should be repeated and which should be discontinued? Which types of products perform better when placed on promotion (e.g., value brand vs. premium priced, pack sizes)?
  • How does promotional success vary by region? By individual store? By offer characteristics such as page of flyer, presence of an image/coupon, etc.?


Icons _benefits Benefits


  • Flexibility & Ease of Use: Analyze promotions at any level (e.g., department, category, SKU) and by any promotion or product characteristic (e.g., brand, price point, offer type, etc.). APT Illuminate automatically emails a summary of the week’s analysis to the merchant for evaluation and future promotional planning.
  • Superior analytics: Consistent, robust analytical approach enables comparison of performance across historical promotional offers at the department, category, or item level and provides key metrics to the merchant such as cherry pick rate and attached sales.
  • Speed: No time required to pull data each week; insights are available as soon as the promotions go live, immediately informing a merchant’s next promotional strategy.
  • Scale: Instead of analyzing just a few promotions due to bandwidth constraints, APT Illuminate enables merchants to instantly gain an understanding of how each of their hundreds of promotions performed. 


Icons _implementation Implementation


  • Data integration for APT Illuminate software generally takes only a few weeks; data then can be automatically loaded on a daily basis and analysis can be performed in minutes.
  • APT Illuminate is software, which allows merchants to access it anywhere via a secure internet connection.
  • APT’s dedicated team of consultants provide business process and analytic best practices support and have a vested interest in the company’s success and the merchant team’s level of fluency using the software.


Icons _data -requests Data Requirements

  • Promotional Data
    • Details about the timing and extent of each promotion
    • Additional descriptive information about the circular (e.g., page number of each promotion, size of offer advertisement, discount vs. feature, etc.)
  • Financial Performance Data (e.g., sales by product by day or week)