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Network Planner Overview

Network Planner helps retailers, restaurants, banks, and hotels manage their complete capital strategy, from new site planning and existing site modification through full market planning. This software uses APT’s advanced analytics to provide real estate professionals with the most accurate predictions for new site performance.


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Icons _features Business Applications

  • What is the predicted impact of each potential new site? Network Planner provides users with an efficient, easy-to-use workflow to accurately predict the financial performance of any proposed new site. Real estate decision-makers can easily compare multiple locations at once to determine which will be most successful.
  • What are the Top Opportunities across my Network? Network Planner also provides a top-down approach to understand market potential. The software automatically calculates predictions for all block groups within the US, while factoring in important constraints, such as cannibalization, to find the areas with highest potential.
  • How can we minimize cannibalization? Network Planner automatically identifies instances of site cannibalization and provides the ability to accurately measure and model the impact of new own site or competitor openings on nearby sites. Utilizing APT’s Test & Learn technology, users can accurately understand the total network or market financial effect of opening a new site, and factor those learnings into the site selection mode.


Icons _benefits Benefits

  • Accuracy: APT’s Network Planner software leverages a proprietary approach to modeling new site sales, generating more accurate predictions. Factoring in historical performance for highly similar locations, Network Planner predicts trade area demand by incorporating customer data (where available), accurate natural boundaries (e.g. rivers), and drive times. It also incorporates the most accurate cannibalization predictions, as well as a broad range of external data sources to enhance the accuracy of models.
  • Transparency: Unlike many “black box” solutions, Network Planner provides completely transparent predictions. As such, it is clear to users what is causing individual sites to have above or below average predictions, enabling an objective discussion about each site.
  • Unparalleled Ability to Leverage Industry Data: The APT Index maps data from over 65,000 retail and restaurant locations in the U.S. down to a hyper-local level, enabling models to accurately take into account not only competitor locations, but also sales in any given location, as well as overall economic activity (e.g. growth trends). This index helps differentiate seemingly similar locations based on the actual economic environment.
  • Comprehensive Market Planning: Network Planner can iterate through each location closure scenarios in a market – taking into account the interaction effects between locations – to determine where closing a site makes economic sense.


Icons _implementation Implementation

Network Planner is ready out-of-the-box.


Icons _data -requests Data Requirements

You provide:

  • Financial performance data (e.g. sales by product by day or week)
  • Known characteristics of your locations and customers (APT does not incorporate any personally identifiable information)

 APT provides:

  • Local demographic data
  • Weather data
  • Competitor locations
  • Retail sales data for the areas immediately surrounding each site (from the APT Index)
  • Other third party data sources