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Test & Learn for Sites Overview

Companies try many new ideas. Some of these ideas will work; but some will not. APT’s Test & Learn for Sites software platform is the most accurate way to identify which programs work, where they work best, and how they can be improved going forward. Through design and analysis of in-market tests, the software isolates cause-and-effect relationships between each new initiative and key performance metrics. Test & Learn for Sites uses proprietary algorithms to isolate the impact of each business program, amidst the noise created by a broad range of other factors, such as weather changes, competitive actions, and economic trends. It also automatically provides recommendations to improve programs, and generates accurate predictions for where each program will be most effective. Typical organizations use Test & Learn for Sites to run dozens of tests every year, generating millions of dollars in incremental profits.

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Icons _features Business Applications

Test & Learn for Sites determines the incremental impact of initiatives across functional areas, including:

  • Capital Expenditures: What is the incremental impact of our remodel program, and which elements drive the highest ROI for each location?
  • Pricing and Promotion: Which promotions generate incremental sales and which simply give discounts to customers who would have purchased at full price? Where can we raise prices without a significant impact to transaction frequency?
  • Marketing & Media: Where should we increase local media spend? How does ROI vary by channel?
  • Merchandizing: What is the incremental impact of the new product introduction, net of halo and cannibalization effects?
  • Labor & Operations: In which locations can we profitably stay open later? How should we staff each location and how should staffing levels vary throughout the day?


Icons _benefits Benefits

  • Advanced Analytics: Test & Learn for Sites uses patented algorithms to arrive at the most accurate measurement of impact for each program.
  • Speed: Complex calculations on massive data sets are completed in seconds across metrics, products, locations, customers, timeframes, etc. When executing analysis, no time is required to pull data.
  • Consistent Analytical Approach: Every analysis uses a consistent methodology to ensure “one version of the truth.”
  • Robust Test Design Capabilities: The software guides users through the entire test design process to ensure that the optimal number and the most representative sample of locations to ensure statistically significant reads while minimizing risk.
  • User Experience: Test & Learn for Sites features an intuitive and highly visual user experience to allow for easy interpretation, communication, and execution of analysis results.


Icons _implementation Implementation

  • Initial data loading is complete four weeks from data delivery; after that, data is automatically loaded on a weekly basis.
  • After initial data load, Test & Learn for Sites is easily implemented through APT’s platform which is accessible online with a secure login from any device.
  • APT provides high-touch support to all software users – in addition to initial training, your team will have a dedicated client team to help with any software or analytical questions. Our consultants are highly experienced in institutionalizing a Test & Learn capability across a broad range of companies.


Icons _Client Testimonial Client Testimonial

“We are very pleased with APT’s suite of products. The tool is easy to use and provides accurate detailed answers to initiatives with the associated degree of confidence. It has provided the capacity to measure initiatives, providing Staples the ability to quantify these future opportunities for the company - in addition, the team at APT has been very helpful and insightful.”

— President U.S. Stores, Staples


Icons _data -requests Data Requirements

You provide:

  • Financial performance data (e.g. sales by product by day or week)
  • Transaction-level data, as available
  • Known characteristics of your locations

APT provides:

  • Local demographic data
  • Weather data
  • Gas prices
  • Competitor locations
  • Retail sales data for the areas immediately surrounding each location (from the APT Index)
  • Other third party data sources