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Test & Learn for Customers Overview

APT Test & Learn for Customers is an advanced, highly-automated software that determines cause-and-effect relationships between tested programs and key performance metrics. Beyond determining the overall impact of each initiative, by rapidly sifting through huge data-sets, the software helps companies target their actions to the customers predicted to respond most profitably. Further, the speed and automation of APT’s software enables organizations to analyze all of their initiatives, instead of just a select few.  Further, Test & Learn for Customers aggregates all of your company’s data into one, centralized software, providing your organization with a 360 degree view of each customer across channels.

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Icons _features Business Applications

Test & Learn for Customers enables organizations to answer key questions about a broad range of customer initiatives, including:

  • Customer Acquisition: Which promotions should we offer to each customer? How can we avoid giving away margin to customers who would have transacted anyway?
  • Omni-channel: What is the cross-channel impact of each initiative? How should we target offers across channels by customer to maximize customer value?
  • Cross-Sell: Which customers are the best candidates for cross-sell efforts for each product or service? Which cross-sell outreach is the most effective for each customer segment?
  • Communication Method: Which customers should we email, which ones should we text, and to which ones should we send direct mail? What is the optimal frequency for each of these methods?
  • Customer Retention: Which promotional offers and marketing campaigns are most effective in improving customer retention?


Icons _benefits Benefits

  • Advanced Analytics:  Test & Learn for Customers utilizes APT’s proprietary algorithms to match test customers to control customers based on prior financial performance and customer characteristics; this methodology ensures a clear, reliable, and standardized test interpretation and accurate modeling for rollout of each initiative.
  • Speed: Complex calculations on massive data sets are completed in seconds across customers, metrics, products, timeframes, etc. When executing analysis, no time is required to pull data.
  • Consistent Analytical Approach: Every analysis uses a consistent methodology to ensure “one version of the truth.”
  • Robust Test Design Capabilities: The software guides the user through the entire test design process (including a comprehensive dashboard of current campaigns)  to ensure that the optimal number and the most representative sample of customers are used to ensure statistically significant reads while minimizing risk.
  • User Experience: Test & Learn for Customers features an intuitive and highly visual user experience to allow for easy interpretation, communication, and execution of analysis results.


Icons _implementation Implementation

  • Initial data loading is complete four weeks from data delivery; from there, data is automatically loaded on a weekly basis
  • After initial data load, Test & Learn for Customers is easily accessed through APT’s software that is accessible online with a secure login from any device
  • APT provides high-touch support to all software users – besides initial training, your team will have a dedicated client team to help with any software or analytical questions. Our consultants are highly experienced in institutionalizing a Test & Learn capability across a broad range of companies.


Icons _Client Testimonial Client Testimonial

 “The APT platform enables us to better leverage the wealth of data in the call center to greatly improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. From strategic questions surrounding outsourcing, to more tactical questions about how frequently we should reach out to customers during a campaign, the APT Suite is helping us improve upon our business.”

— Senior Vice President, Phone Channel, TD Bank


Icons _data -requests Data Requirements

You provide:

  • Financial performance data with a unique customer identifier

 APT provides:

  • Local demographic data
  • Weather data
  • Competitor locations
  • Retail sales data for the areas immediately surrounding each location (from the APT Index)
  • Other third party data sources